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Henrik Ibsen remains one of the most influential playwrights of the ages. His plays explore the social and ethical norms and anxieties of the distressed middle class, and though they were written in the 19th century, they still ring frighteningly timely today. Nora, vibrant housewife and mother of three children, appears to enjoy living the life of a pampered, indulged child. Nonetheless, she suffers from a crippling dependency on her husband. Nora’s acceptance of the status quo is put under a microscope and the illusions behind her marriage are exposed. Henrik Ibsen’s classic work examines fundamental inequalities surrounding gender roles, power, independence and money. In a time in our society where women still fight for equality and a voice, this classic work will illuminate that as women and as humans, our choices are rarely easy and often come at great cost, and makes us examine which choices are worth it.

**Recommended for ages 14 and above**

General admission is $20 and students are admitted for $10.

Thursday - Saturday shows begin at 7:30pm and the Sunday matinee begins at 2pm.

Call 262-1530 for more information.

More Information on Website:

Cloverdale Playhouse 960 Cloverdale Rd Montgomery, AL 36106

Category: Family, Arts, Community

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