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Dark Horse

Jan Vokes lives in one of the poorest mining villages in Wales. With nothing to lose, she hatches an impossible plan - to breed a champion racehorse. She points out that no one else in the village has anything to lose, either, and together, she and other residents start chipping in ten pounds a week until they can buy a foal. Naming the horse Dream Alliance, the racing world is astonished when their Dream turns out not to be so impossible after all - the horse beats some of the finest thoroughbreds in the country. But when Dream suffers a near-fatal accident, they must again achieve the impossible.

A documentary with all the heart of Billy Elliott and One Chance, Dark Horse is an uplifting film that we booked before we knew it would warm your hearts. Too late to undo it now. We'll try and get more depressing stuff later.

This week! Mon - Thurs: 7:30

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Capri Theatre, 1045 E Fairview Ave, Montgomery, AL 36106

Category: Family, Community

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