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Marjorie Prime

Sometime in the future, the dead can stick around. Not in the traditional tale of haunting their loved ones, but as holograms that have been fed many of the memories of their living counterparts. The purpose of the holograms isn't to torture the living, but is instead to provide them comfort.

One person in such need of comfort is Majorie, whose husband Walter died years before, and is now grappling with her own fading memories. To help remind her of family pets and other trivialities, Walter's hologram relies on Walter and Marjorie's daughter, Tess, and her husband, Jon, to share their memories with him.

Cast: Jon Hamm, Geena Davis, Tim Robbins, Lois Smith
Director: Michael Almereyda

FRI-SAT-SUN: 5:00-7:30

Tickets may be purchased through Agile Ticketing.

For more information, call the Capri 334-262-4858.

More Information on Website:

Capri Theatre 1045 E Fairview Ave Montgomery, Alabama

Category: Family, Arts, Community

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