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Over the Edge for Hope Inspired Ministries

Join Over The Edge for a unique and thrilling fundraiser for Hope Inspired Ministries.  Individuals and businesses will raise money for Hope Inspired Ministries for the opportunity to rappel from the 40 Four Building in downtown Montgomery! 

The cost to rappel is $1,000. We have set up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for individuals and teams. We also have incentives to raise beyond the minimum $1,000. Each person can create their own page to begin raising money to rappel, and those funds will help support Hope Inspired Ministries. We will provide detailed instructions of how to sign up as an individual or team, as well as joining a team. Start your fundraising today!

For detailed instructions on fundraising or for additional information on the event, please contact Michael Coleman or Karen Boan. Michael's email address is Karen's email address is

Call Hope Inspired Ministries (334) 649-4330 for more information.

More Information on Website:

40 Four Building 44 Market Plaza, 36104

Category: Family, Community

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