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The Beguiled at the Capri

Cpl. John McBurney is an injured soldier who has deserted his regiment during the Civil War. This would be less of a problem if he weren't a Union soldier behind enemy lines. He finds refuge at an all-female Southern boarding school where the few teachers and students still remaining seem more than willing to help - so long as no one finds out they're harboring an enemy soldier. Swayed by the handsome soldier, sexual tensions lead to dangerous rivalries as the women tend to his wounded leg while offering him comfort and companionship. It soon becomes evident that his main goal is to avoid the battlefield, and he is willing to manipulate, seduce, or even kill the women looking after him to do it.

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, Collin Farrell
Director: Sofia Coppola

Fri, Sep 8 5:00 PM7:30 PM
Sat, Sep 9 5:00 PM7:30 PM
Sun, Sep 10 5:00 PM7:30 PM
Mon, Sep 11 7:30 PM
Wed, Sep 13 7:30 PM

For tickets go to Agile Ticketing.

Call the Capri for more information, 334-262-4858.

More Information on Website:

Capri Theatre 1045 East Fairview Avenue Montgomery, Alabama 36106

Category: Arts

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