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The Florida Project at the Capri

From the director of Tangerine. And this time, shot on 35mm film rather than an iPhone.

Warm, winning, and gloriously alive, The Florida Project is a deeply moving and unforgettably poignant look at childhood. Set on a stretch of highway just outside the imagined utopia of Disney World, the film follows six-year-old Moonee and her rebellious mother Halley over the course of a single summer. The two live week-to-week at a budget hotel managed by Bobby, whose stern exterior hides a deep reservoir of kindness and compassion. Despite her harsh surroundings, the precocious Moonee has no trouble making each day a celebration of life, her endless afternoons overflowing with mischief and grand adventure as she and her ragtag playmates fearlessly explore the utterly unique world into which they've been thrown.

Cast: Willem DaFoe, Brooklynn Prince, Valeria Cotto
Director: Sean Baker

Fri, Nov 24: 5:00 PM  7:30 PM
Sat, Nov 25: 5:00 PM  7:30 PM
Sun, Nov 26: 5:00 PM  7:30 PM
Mon, Nov 27: 7:30 PM
Tue, Nov 28: 7:30 PM
Wed, Nov 29: 7:30 PM
Thurs, Nov 30: 7:30 PM

Non-member tickets are $10.

For more information, call (334) 262-4858.

More Information on Website:

Capri Theatre 1045 E Fairview Ave Montgomery, Alabama

Category: Family, Community

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