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J.R.R. Tolkien changed the face of literature and fantasy with his novels The Lord of the Rings. An odyssey with unlikely heroes about moral courage, coming together with other cultures to fight for the common good, and friendship in its truest sense, his works have been translated into over 50 languages, and eventually became box office record shattering films. In The Hobbit, Tolkien’s detailed, imaginative world of wizards, elves, goblins, and hobbits shows us that good can conquer evil in the world. Bilbo Baggins, one of the most conservative of all Hobbits, is asked to leave his cozy home in the Shire to battle a dragon and recover an important treasure. It's the last thing that any sensitive Hobbit would want to do, but he must face his fears for the sake of all of the peoples of Middle Earth. Our Playhouse Troupe returns to the main season for the second year with this epic story that shows us that small people can make a big difference.

**Recommended for ages 5 and up**

Single Tickets are $20/general admission. 

Student rate $10 (age 16+ recommended) 

Groups of 12 or more are invited to purchase tickets at a discounted rate of $12/person. 

Thursday - Saturday shows begin at 7:30pm and Sunday matinees begin at 2pm.

Call 334/262-1530 for more information.

More Information on Website:

Cloverdale Playhouse 960 Cloverdale Rd Montgomery, AL 36106

Category: Family, Arts, Community

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