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Whales and Souls by Andrew Kramer

Do you know the tale of the Creature from the lake? In this gritty, sensual fable for adults, a small conservative village is enticed by offers from an outsider and everything begins to change.

This one man show weaves a cautionary, spooky tale about industrialization, climate change, nationalism, and queer romance. Join your nighttime tour guide Randy around the campfire as he tells the story of a fallen town and it’s long lost residents: a patriarch who loses his grip on his world, a budding queer relationship between a candle maker and a medicine woman, and the ominous appearance of a mysterious creature who comes to warn the town of their impending doom.

Winner of the New York City Fringe FAVE Award and the Prague Fringe Inspiration Award.

This show contains strong adult language and sexual content and is not suitable for children.

Tickets may be purchased through Eventbrite.

For more information, call The Cloverdale Playhouse (334) 262-1530.

Thuresday, October 26 & Friday, October 27, 8:00pm 

More Information on Website:

960 Cloverdale Rd Montgomery, Alabama

Category: Arts, Community

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